Malico Inc. has been devoted to developing and producing versatile thermal solutions across different application domains in the past decades, such as Semiconductor equipment, IC packaging/testing equipment, Laser cutting equipment, Medical equipment, Military, Electric Vehicale Cooling, Battery Cooling, Laser Printing Machine Cooling, LED lighting Cooling, and etc.

Malico - Heat Sinks

Malico produces all-size Aluminum and Copper Heat Sinks with advanced manufacturing processes like Forge and Extrusion. Malico’s heat sink products are interfaced with high-quality thermal conductivity materials (thermal interfaces), i.e. thermal tap, thermal grease, and thermal pad, which are supplied by world-leading manufacturers, e.g., Bergquist , Chromerics, Parker, Laird, etc. Malico’s heat sink products can be purchased through its distributors such as Digitkey, Arrow, Mouser, and Farnell.

Besides serving all-size standard heat sinks, Malico further offers customized prototyping services to meet individual customer’s needs. Malico’s Heat Sinks are applied to Chipset and FPGA with Talon Clip Attachment, Uni-Holder Attachment and Push Pin. Malico’s Mosfet Copper Heat Sink products are manufactured under advanced processes such as Forge and Extrusion. These dedicate Copper Heat Sinks cab be used in IGBT, IGBT Base Plate, DCDC, etc.

Malico’s thermal solutions and cooling products are proudly supplied to customers all over the world with very high quality and robustness. In the aspect of thermal effectiveness and efficiency, Malico’s thermal solutions are comparable to and even superior to the competitors, e.g., Alpha Novatech, Aavid, Boyd, Radian, Wakefield Vette, CoolIT Systems, etc.

Malico - Liquid Cooling

Malico’s advanced liquid cooling solutions and products have been comprehensively adopted in Clouds Computing, Data Center, Servers, IC package Testing, Plasma, and Semiconductor Cooling.

Malico - Cold Plates

With the advanced liquid cooling technology, Malico is expert at designing, developing, and manufacturing Cold Plates for IGBT, Cold Plates for Semiconductor, Cold Plates for Semiconductor Equipment Cooling, Cold Plates for IC Packaging Testing Cooling, Cold Plates for Electric Vehicle Cooling, Cold Plate for Laser Cutting, Cold Plates for Medical, Cold Plates for Medical Equipment Cooling, Cold Plates for Military, Cold Plates for Battery Cooling, Cold Plate for Electric Vehicle Cooling, Cold Plate for Laser Printing Machine Cooling, and Cold Plate for LED lighting Cooling.

Malico - 2020 Exhibitions

Malico’s thermal solutions and cooling products will be exhibited in SEMICON Taiwan 2020, ETCT 2020, Embedded World 2020, APEC exhibition 2020, Embedded World 2020, OFC exhibition 2020, PCIM  exhibition 2020, MD&M West 2020, EV show Novi 2020, and etc.

Last Update Time: 2019/12/26