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Revolutionary design 

With technology growing at an exponential rate, the demand for smaller and effective packages is increasing. Engineers constantly face challenges of increasing functionality and components on a smaller board design. Mounting holes and anchor pads take up the valuable space necessary for maximum efficiency. Malico’s Uni-Holder® clip is designed with this in mind. Introducing a new, revolutionary way of a BGA heat sink attachment method, the Uni-Holder® clip is truly one step ahead of the competition. The Uni-Holder® clips simple plastic design is integrated with springs through all four corners. By being spring-loaded, this allows the clip to accommodate different heat sink height sizes as well as helping to delicately balance the heat sink through the vibration that occurs during transportation of the material. The constant change in temperature within the casing can cause other forms of attachment methods to fail. The Uni-Holder® Clip will not deform in the IC operating temperature and will provide a reliable way of heat sink attachment. Providing better contact to the die on the PCB will help increase thermal performance beyond expectation.

Flexibility for PC Board/IC design

When designing PC boards, there are areas that need to be reserved for the heat sinks’ such as drilling holes or anchor soldering. With Malico’s Uni-Holder® Clip, designers will not need to reserve any drilling holes or anchor soldering when designing the circuit.

Malico’s Uni-Holder® Clip is uniquely designed to maximize productivity and efficiency by using only the BGA chip space that is standard on the PCB. Mounting holes on the PCB takes valuable space and reduces how efficient the PCB can be.

Prevent Looseness

The Uni-Holder® clip can prevent the heat sink from loosening that is either caused by fan vibration or any change in the physical adhesive material cause by heat or age. The Uni-Holder® clip passed extensive shock and vibration tests: NEBS GR-63-CORE and ETSI EN 300 019-2-3 requirements. The pull force data featured the Uni-Holder® clip to pass 20 lbs of force.

Time and Cost Saving

There are no tools required and installation can be done in a matter of seconds. Assembly time and money can be reduced with the simplicity of the Uni-Holder® clip. The smart design allows for easy access to re-work the heat sink and is guaranteed to be reusable at least twenty times before the lip shows any signs of wear.

How does Uni-Holder®clip work?

In between the PCB and substrate, solder balls are present and provides a minimal gap that is between 0.5mm and 0.7mm. Simply slide one side of the clip into the gap, and gently press on the other side until the clip is “snapped on”. The clip’s lip thickness is between 0.18mm and 0.35mm, which provides plenty of extra space. The clip simply grabs onto the substrate with the small lips that are on the edge of the clip, without doing any damage. Snap-on, and you’re ready to go.

Variable footprint Sizes from 15mm to 45mm

The Uni-Holder® Clip is available in most BGA footprint sizes that are in the market. Malico offers a variety of heat sinks that are applicable with the Uni-Holder® clip. From forged pin fins to forged elliptical fins, you can choose the heat sink that is best suitable for your application. If there is a special need that is in demand, the Uni-Holder® clip is customizable to your specific needs.