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Extensive experience

Malico’s full-service capabilities help solve the most complex thermal issues providing design, thermal simulations, rapid prototyping, development testing through to mass production. The vertical integration, with all in-house services, results in a shorter development time assuring the most robust cost-efficient thermal solutions.

  • Requirement => Design & Thermal simulation => Rapid prototyping => Mass production
  • Vertical integration with all in-house services. (Advantage on Quality control & lead time)
  • Produce parts with a completed quality policy. (IATF 16949)(Traceability)
  • Help you to solve thermal issues.
  • Save your time for dealing with several suppliers/manufactures

Our state-of-the-art forming technology can optimize your runner design, and improve the heat dissipation performance. We can work with you to help with design, prototyping, manufacture, and mass production.

We have worked with automobile clients for many years. We will be your best partner choice to solve the heat dissipation issue.