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Heat Pipes

Many heat pipes on the market are targeted for short product life, inexpensive, consumer types of applications. Reliability and performance of these heat pipes are great concerns to customers who are looking for high performance and long reliability products. Malico invested many years of R&D and capital equipment to develop our own heat pipes that outperform our competitors’. Figure below shows a test comparison of our heat pipe with our competitor’s. Malico heat pipes show much lower thermal resistance in both test cases.

    We understand long reliability is very important for many heat pipe applications. All of our heat pipes go through rigous testing for quality assurance. Our QA testing includes:


    • Thermal Cycle Test
    • Burn-In Test
    • Helium Leakage Test

    Since Malico offers not only heat pipes, but also heat sinks, it allows us to offer our products with the following advantages:


    • Complete solution of integrated heat pipe/heat sink solutions
    • Short product lead time
    • Competitive pricing
    • Support prototype to high volume production

    If you are facing thermal challenges and are looking for custom solutions, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you!