About Malico

Malico Inc. takes pride in its ability to serve its customers with precision machining. The production line is fully integrated and capable of manufacturing just about any types of precision machined part.

The heart of Malico machine shop is high complexity, close tolerance parts and assemblies. We have the equipments and skilled operators that can deliver high volume of precision parts in a short amount of time. The milling, turning, and grinding capabilities are designed to:


  • Shorten lead times for manufacturing
  • Meet the most demanding tolerance requirements
  • Eliminate extra operations
  • Deliver highly consistent quality parts

Our goal is to deliver zero defects to our customers. To achieve this goal, Malico Inc. machine shop continuously improving the quality and process of our services to current and future customers. Our QA systems provides the best available:


  • An ISO-registered (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) quality system
  • Continuously upgrading system
  • Pre-fabrication analysis
  • State of the art measuring lab and instruments

Competitive. Precision. Speed. If you are looking for a machine shop with these qualities, Malco Inc. is your choice.



Malico Inc. – CNC machining and manufacturing
Robert Liang


General Manager