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1. Complete in one piece with no interface.
2. High aspect ratio 1: 100
3. Can forge aluminum alloy, pure aluminum and copper
4. No taper fin shape improves airflow smooth through
5. High material density increases thermal conductivity
6. Wide range geometry as die casting
7. Fin or pin forge only one time doesn't need cross cutting


Overview Comparion

Type Pros Cons


No interface
High density
High aspect ratio 1:100
Wide range geometry
Tooling developing required 3 weeks
Extrusion Cost effective
No interface
Lower aspect ratio 1:23
Tapered fin decrease air flow in-take
Die Casting Cost effective
Net shape
Less machining cost
Poor density
Poor heat transfer performance
Lower aspect ratio 1:15
Stamping/ Soldering Cost effective
High fin
Too many interface
Un-reliable quality
Skiving High fin Potential crack risk between fin and base
Secondary operation required
Maching Fliexible applications Cost expensive
Long lead time


Interface comparison

Type Example




Density comparison


Rating: Excellent
Extrusion Rating: Good
Die-Casting Rating: Fair
Metal Injection Molding Rating: Fair